5SOS on Michael + Luke!

(Har haft feber och vart välidgt sjuk så har inte orkat blogga)


"@5SOS: A wild luke in the recording booth @Luke5SOS"

Luke Och Michael!

Luke har skaffat piercing! Vad tycker ni om det?
 "@Luke5SOS:I got a lip thing goooois #jetlaggedface"
 "@5SOS:In bed with mikey watching him play Pokemon :-)"

Twitter bilder - 9&10 November

"@5SOS: fish eye station x"
"@Luke5SOS: Here's a pretty photo of Calum :-) x"
"@5SOS: Winterhemmings."
"@5SOS: Playground fun :-)"
"@5SOS: went for a lie down and two guys came and jumped on me :-("
"@5SOS: Me when I get off a plane after a 24 hour flight compared to when Ashton gets off a 24 hour flight LOL #toughlife"
"@5SOS: Goodmorning 😉 - cal lol"


"@Michael5SOS: Did someone say pink? wtf?"
 "@5SOS:dressing room jams"
 "@5SOS: So luke says this shirt is blue..... It's definitely not - cal"


"@5SOS: Heading to the arenaaaaa :D WEEEEEEE :) x"
 "@Calum5SOS:I love reading the letters you guys give us! Makes me realize how lucky we are ta have you ! :) <3"



Killarna med fans

Killarna idag med fans i Melbourne!